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Join up to accept Motorcharge and Motorpass cards, the brands operating under the Wright Express umbrella.

Benefits of becoming a Wright Express Merchant:

Grow your business
Wright Express cards open up your business to a whole new customer base - more than 290,000 small business and fleet card holders rely on Motorcharge and Motorpass merchants when choosing where to purchase fuel and other vehicle related expenses.

Reduce your bad debt
By becoming a Motorcharge and Motorpass merchant you can transfer all of your trade accounts to card payment.  No more chasing overdue invoices as Wright Express manages all the risk for you.  Plus, you get paid on time each month.

Guaranteed payment direct to your bank account
Motorcharge and Motorpass merchants receive electronic direct deposit payments into their nominated bank account, supported by monthly statements which make bank reconciliation easy.

Free Advertising
Motorcharge and Motorpass merchants receive free signage and point-of-sale promotional materials to attract more Motorcharge and Motorpass customers to their business.

Add Value to your customer base and be rewarded for it with our Merchant Incentive Program
It's easy - just ask Wright Express to provide you with a supply of merchant application forms, write your merchant number on them and display them at your site.

For every approved account you refer, we will pay you $55 (inc.GST).

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