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It's never hard to find a Motorcharge location!

See the eight ways that Motorcharge fuel cards can help your business save time and money:

1. Motorcharge locations cover up to  90% of the Australian fuel market

Motorcharge fuel cards are accepted at most service stations and independent fuel outlets around the country.

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2. Motorcharge fuel cards can be customised to suit each cardholder

With Motorcharge fuel cards, you decide who gets what. So some employees may be entitled to use the card for all their vehicle expenses, while others may be able to use it for fuel and oil only.

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3. Motorcharge partner program offers valuable savings
Why pay more? Start receiving exclusive rewards and discounts at major automotive specialists around Australia.

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4. No more paperwork
Does your business waste time on unnecessary paperwork? You're not alone. Discover how you can simplify your reporting and administration with Motorcharge fuel cards.

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5. FREE access to truck roadside response

Motorcharge Truck & Van Roadside Response offers assistance and advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergencies and breakdowns. Access is free for Motorcharge customers!

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6. Maintenance and repair program

With 'Safeguard', we'll estimate your scheduled truck maintenance and repairs for the year. We'll also help you set up a payment plan so you can amortise the cost over 12 months.

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7. Administrative support

Access your statements and view transactions online for up to 12 months.

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Plus, consider taking advantage of our premium account management services at a small additional cost.

Contact us today to find out how to apply for a Motorcharge fuel card for your fleet or business.

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