Wright Express


1. Save on fuel
Because Motorcharge cards are so widely accepted, you can shop around for the lowest fuel prices available.
You also have the freedom to take advantage of savings offered by some outlets (such as 4c per litre off using Woolworths fuel discount docket).

2. Save time and money
Because over 5,400 service stations, encompassing all fuel brands, accept Motorcharge cards, you can refuel without going off your most direct route, saving your business valuable time and money. You also save money on your fuel consumption by not driving the extra distance to go out of your way.

3. Reduced accounting and administration expenses
Save time and money on paperwork and sorting through expenses. Spend less on your accountant's bills too! We record all your vehicle expenses for you and present them to you in one simple monthly statement, and you don't need to keep receipts.

4. Partner benefits and fleet discounts
Take advantage of fleet level discounts and great everyday partner deals on non-fuel vehicle expenses including:

  • Tyres
  • Service and repairs
  • Windscreens and batteries

5. More time to pay
You get up to 44 payment-free days and a range of payment options.

All for just one tax-deductible monthly card fee.

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